Strollers & Child Carriers

You can start strolling with your child on smooth terrain from as early as newborn. Please note, if you choose to start strolling with any child this young, we recommend using a Thule Infant Sling or putting the Thule Chariot Carrier in the reclining seat position, combined with a Thule Baby Supporter.

You can start jogging with a child at six months using the Thule Infant Sling or in the reclining seat position (if available) with a Thule Baby Supporter. We recommend staying on smooth paths until your child is a minimum of one year old.

You can start cross country skiing at six months old on trails groomed for cross-country skiers. Please keep external temperatures in mind: your child is sitting still and will require extra layers to remain warm. The Thule Bunting Bag is a great accessory to use with the Thule Cross Country Skiing & Hiking Kit.

You can start cycling with a child from the moment the child can sit upright unattended. That obviously differs from child to child, but should be around 10-12 months.

We always recommend that children wear a helmet inside of the carrier when jogging or cycling. Please check your local traffic laws, for some countries wearing a helmet is obliged.


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You should first find out about the exact make, length, diameter, shape and pitch of your original Thru-axle, as mentioned in our Thru-axle Adapter Guide. You can then make your choice from the list of available adapters in the guide. You can download this guide from the following link: Adapter Fit Guide.

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