Cargo carriers and baskets

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Thule Cargo Carriers and Cargo Baskets

A Thule cargo carrier is great when you need the extra space. Choose the rooftop cargo box, basket, bag, or rear cargo carrier that is right for you.

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Rooftop cargo carriers

We have a Thule cargo box that fits every need - whether you're living an active lifestyle, going on a family vacation, or just need the extra space.

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Roof baskets

Your rugged adventure starts here! A Thule roof rack basket gives you extra space and flexibility to carry all kinds of gear - even bulky cargo.

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Towbar cargo carriers

Can't load gear on your car roof? Don't worry! These rear cargo carriers let you pack everything on your towbar (and still give you access to the boot!)

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Rooftop, towbar, or why not both?

Thule cargo carriers are an ideal way to make sure you have everything with you on your travels without feeling loaded down. Choose between an extra-secure roof box or an open basket that's perfect for bulkier cargo. Alternatively, you can go for a towbar-mounted cargo carrier that fits on the rear of the car and still gives you access to the boot. You could even combine a rooftop and a towbar carrier to take your carrying capacity to a new level. Whatever you decide, you'll get a strong, safe, and stylish space for your extra gear.

  • Choice of rooftop box, basket, or towbar carriers
  • Safe and secure for you and your gear
  • Heavy-duty yet aerodynamic design
  • Smart loading and storage features and accessories

Tested to the limit - and beyond.

Thule's number one priority is safety - for you and the people around you. Our cargo carriers are designed to carry your gear and fit your car as safely and securely as possible. Nevertheless, at the Thule Test Centerâ„¢, we also make sure they can withstand multiple crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and chemicals.

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