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Thule Roof Boxes


A must to stay organised on long-distance drives: Thule roof boxes and bags

Going away for a long weekend with family and friends always seems like a good idea – but the logistics of packing the car properly (read: efficiently, while also maximising on space saving) can have its challenges. Thanks to Thule’s unrivalled tradition of design engineering, rigorous testing and the highest safety standards, their roof boxes and bags will change the way that you travel long-distance.

The newest addition to its premium roof-box range is the Thule Force XT Carrier Box, which is the ideal blend of form and function. This versatile and robust roof-mounted cargo box is ideal for everyday use, but really shows its muscle during long distance drives, as it is capable of carrying loads of all shapes and sizes. It fits a wide range of vehicles and ensures maximum space efficiency, while the aerodynamic design guarantees a quiet ride. The PowerClick quick-mount system and an integrated torque indicator allow you to easily secure the roof box. You can also open the boot, without actually contacting the cargo box, plus access all areas of the roof box from either side of the vehicle. The carrier box comes in four different sizes to fit every adventure and every lifestyle.

From there, it is all about packing this roof box efficiently. The Thule GoPack Set comes with four identical bags for organising the roof box load. You have easy access to your gear through an oversized wide mouth opening and there are ID cards on every bag, so that each person’s suitcase is easy to identify at a glance. The bags are lightweight, yet durable, with a shoulder strap and padded grip handles for comfortable carrying. There are also side handles for convenient handling in the roof box. You can access smaller items through an external stash pocket and best of all, when you are not using the bags, they fold flat for easy storage.


If you’ll be travelling with a roof box:

  • Understand the weight limits for these racks and the vehicle itself, as exceeding the limit could cause damage to the vehicle and potential accidents.
  • Distribute weight evenly in the roof rack to prevent significant impact to steering and braking.
  • Check the recommended inflation pressure (not maximum pressure) in the car manual and confirm that tyre inflation is correct.
  • Be aware that adding lots of weight to a vehicle rooftop creates a higher centre of gravity. As SUVs are already higher off the ground, adding a roof carrier could mean more wind resistance and swaying.
  • Be careful in parking garages and on bridges and follow signs indicating ‘low overhang’.


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About Thule

The Thule brand was established in 1942. Under the motto Bring your life, Thule globally offers a wide range of premium products for active people that allow them to bring what they care most for – safely, easily and in style. Thule designs and manufactures roof racks, bike, water and winter sport carriers, roof boxes, computer and camera bags, sports bags and backpacks, and child-related products such as baby joggers, child bike seats and bike trailers. The products are sold in more than 140 countries worldwide.

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